enterprise spirit

Kaicheng is committed to providing customers and consumers with high-quality products and professional services. With the goal of achieving customer success in the market and improving consumer satisfaction, we strive to pursue a full range of corporate achievements.

Enterprise policy

Establish mutual trust and close cooperation with consumers and partners (including customers and suppliers), and build a business foundation for the tripartite collaboration of "consumers-partners-Kai Cheng Xingye". Provide consumers with high-quality products, and work with partners to create success in the market, achieving a "three wins" or even "multiple wins" situation.

Management business philosophy

We value talents, take the "people-oriented" value as the core, and in line with the market management philosophy of "consumer first", "continuously advance and innovate" develop new projects that meet the needs of consumers and market trends, and "establish and cooperate The business model of "close relationship with partners" combines the expertise of multiple parties to give full play to market advantages. To achieve the success of the team with the goal of winning the recognition of the market and the trust of consumers.

Quality management concept

Kaicheng promises that if the products provided by Kaicheng are determined to be quality problems, Kaicheng guarantees that they will be fully returned. Regardless of consumers or retail channels, they can directly contact the customer service staff of Kaicheng Industrial to reflect the quality and use of the products at any time For the existing problems, Kaicheng will also uphold the concept of consumer first and serve customers.

Professional service concept

Kaicheng provides one-stop service of product development, production, ordering, business contact, logistics, and account checking "single window". Kaicheng's team can provide professional ordering, business contact, delivery, account checking and trade services for customers' import and export requirements. Including the corresponding import and export supporting facilities such as customs declaration, taxation, transportation, insurance, etc., each service channel has corresponding exclusive business personnel to provide customers with various requirements for products and business services at any time. So as to provide customers with a complete one-stop service from design, production, transportation, and export.

Corporate Social Responsibility

To be a good corporate citizen has always been an important value of Kaicheng. For a long time, Kaicheng has actively participated in charity activities and cared for the society through various means. Kaicheng not only provides high-quality products, but also takes giving back to the society as its own responsibility. Kaicheng promises to observe high standards of product quality and safety, implement the concept of environmental protection, earnestly promote the modernization of corporate management, and fulfill corporate social responsibilities.